Online Froebel  Resources

A number of classic (mostly 19th century) books about the Froebel Kindergarten method which have been scanned into PDF format. Click the title to open/download the PDF. You may also be interested in the currently published book Inventing Kindergarten.

The Education of Man [Die Menschenerziehung]
by Friedrich Froebel (edited/translated by William Nicholas Hailmann)

The Pedagogics of the Kindergarten
by Friedrich Froebel edited/translated by Josephine Jarvis

The Kindergarten Building Gifts
by Elizabeth Harrison & Belle Woodson

The Kindergarten Guide: vol. 1 - The Gifts
by Maria Kraus-Boelte & John Kraus

The Paradise of Childhood
by Edward Wiebe

Daily Program of Gift & Occupation Work
by Carolyn S. Bailey, Clara M. Lewis

Froebel's Gifts
by Kate Douglas Wiggin & Nora Archibald Smith

Froebel's Gifts [plain text]
by Kate Douglas Wiggin & Nora Archibald Smith

Froebel's Occupations
by Kate Douglas Wiggin & Nora Archibald Smith

Home Occupations for Boys and Girls
by Bertha Johnston & Fanny Chapin

The Psychology of Froebel's Play-Gifts
by Denton J. Snider

Symbolic Education
by Susan Blow

The Songs & Music of Friedrich Froebel's Mother Play (Mutter und kose Lieder)
by Friedrich Fröbel, translated by Susan Blow

The Third & Last Volume of Friedrich Froebel's Pedagogics of the Kindergarten
by Josephine Jarvis

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