The Path to Learning Podcast

The Path to Learning Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Bultman, Jay Irwin and John Pottenger

A fresh perspective on education; what's working, what's broken, and how we can best advocate for children. A companion to our documentary series, this podcast takes a wider perspective on education in America.


Ballet with Blocks (Lincoln Jones)

Season #2 Episode #25

Can a 19th century children's toy inform modern dance? Lincoln Jones, co-founder/artistic director of the American Contemporary Ballet in Los Angeles (and host of The Outsiders podcast), describes how he uses Froebel®...
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Nurturing the Creative Process (Vik Muniz)

Season #2 Episode #24

Renowned Brazilian artist/photographer Vik Muniz discusses Froebel, creativity, and the Escola Vidigal school he established in Rio. Vik shares his experiences growing up in São Paulo and how creativity is not often...
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The Power of Failure (Ilana Ben-Ari)

Season #2 Episode #23

What skills should our children learn to succeed in the 21st century? Industrial designer Ilana Ben-Ari shares how she approached the problem through design thinking and why she developed the Empathy Toy and Failure...
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Inside the Bureaucracy (Jonathan Tobar)

Season #2 Episode #22

Are we seeing the problem from all sides? We hear often from parents and teachers, and from nonprofit reformers. Today we discuss the view of education at an administrative level. Jonathan Tobar is Assistant...
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Parents as Teachers (Lynell Miller)

Season #2 Episode #21

As a result of the Pandemic, many parents find themselves playing the "Teacher" role in their homes in some form or another. Without being trained as teachers, how can we make the most of this moment with our children...
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Play Is Essential (Nancy Carlsson-Paige)

Season #1 Episode #20

Play is a powerful way to learn ... so why is it disappearing from children's lives? Our guest, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, professor emerita of early childhood education at Lesley University (where she  trained teachers...
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Child-Centered Teaching in Any Setting (Julie Bennett)

Season #1 Episode #19

Is it possible to have a child-centered approach in any classroom? Julie Bennett describes how she's done this throughout her career and the importance of a child-centered approach for every educational...
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Risky Play (Rachel Larimore)

Season #1 Episode #18

How can we stop shielding kids from nature and help them explore it safely? Nature-based educator/author/consultant Rachel Larimore, of Samara Early Learning, explains how to better manage beneficial risky play. As a...
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Why Is the Reggio Approach So Popular? (Jennifer Azzariti)

Season #1 Episode #17

Why is the Reggio Approach So Popular? Jennifer Azzariti, an artist, studio teacher and atelierista, began her career at the Model Early Learning Center (MELC) in Washington, DC … a landmark school in the history of...
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Who Speaks for Froebel? (Helge Wasmuth)

Season #1 Episode #16

Does anyone really​ know what Froebel​ intended his Kindergarten to be? How much of that survives today, who changed it ... and why? Helge Wasmuth, Associate Professor in the Department of Childhood Education​ at...
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Pandemic Pods vs. Micro Schools (Mara Linaberger)

Season #1 Episode #15

What are parents and teachers going to do about school this year? Many are talking about starting pods or micro schools. After decades in the Pittsburgh public schools, from the classroom to upper administration, Mara...
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Power to the Profession (Rhian Allvin)

Season #1 Episode #14

What can we do to empower those working in early childhood to ensure all children get a quality education? Our guest today is Rhian Evans Allvin, CEO of NAEYC, the largest organization of early...
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