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Garden of Children pilot

48-hour rental of the 72-minute pilot for the Garden of Children series for $3.99 USD. This episode introduces the threads of the story of kindergarten in America ... from Froebel to today's academic online preschool.

View the trailer here and download our pitch deck and one-sheet PDFs for more information on upcoming episodes.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so so so much for this! We showed it to the staff last week as a group. I also watched it with my husband last weekend so I could make sure it was a good fit for my team. My husband is a lighting designer so he's already a primed viewer, but this was the first time he actually really sat down and understood why his wife is so crazy about early ed. He couldn't stop talking about how he wants to start using the blocks even more often with our kids.

Kristina Wilson

Beautiful and heartwarming, scary and depressing. I really enjoyed the pilot.

Ron Alper

I found it to be moving, stirring, provocative and wonderful. I love the range of different people, with their varying backgrounds and perspectives, who spoke. And the expressions of the children’s faces when they were engaged, and when they weren’t, sent powerful messages. I (we) are so glad to have the film.

Susan Fratus

I watched the 72 minute pilot and I am still processing all of it. I really found myself just wanting to weep with frustration at what we’ve traded the Froebel-based model for. But as one of the participants said there is a lot of hope that the tide will turn if focus is placed on things that are working. It is a fantastic piece of work.

Mary Ellen VanMarter